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Rising Early on a Saturday Twixt Seasons

Weathered Phone Pole

It was almost a year ago when I took this photo in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.  The weather was the same, but the country certainly wasn’t.

On that day the ascendant party in power was full of hope and the defeated party was licking the wounds of a sounding defeat.

On this day it feels like 1859 and 1932 combined with the hysterical talking head of the media feeding on the paranoiac or just worrisome feelings of the mob. In both of the years mentioned, journalist did the same touting the people in power were going to bring about the ruin of the nation by not following the policies of the defeated party, the party, when in power, was the real cause of the awful state of things.

It’s like handing a man a half-full bucket of water, pushing him into a burning building and blaming the destruction of the structure on his inability to save it with the water in the bucket.

The prize recently announced in Norway is a reward for despite having been handed that bucket, and that wave if incredibly biased media mumbo-jumbo, the man can still smile and say lets build a new, better house on the ruins.  


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