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Summer? Seattle Now in New England?

DSC_0109View from the Vineyard Haven Ferry to ...

Image by sgtret via Flickr

When Summer began yesterday we were ready to break out the shorts and sandals, check the ferry schedules and decided if we will finally make it to PEI this year. 

Then we looked out at the sodden landscape, put on our polar fleece and decided not to open the pool this year.

Seattle has exported its weather to New England.  I can recall one full day for the past few weeks that did not involve rain.  Even the day we all went to Martha’s Vineyard started with rain.  It faded as we approached the Oak Bluff ferry landing.

We were there for a graduation celebration held in the Methodist Camp.. Their magnificent open air meeting room simultaneously gave the feeling of a big-top open to the air and a cathedral dome. The sun this day did its duty.

We could see the storm clouds massing behind Cape Cod as we approached Woods Hole. Sure enough, the next morning, the grass was soaked and the car’s windshield was covered with wet droppings from the overhead red oak.

A Nest by the Woods Hole FerryWhen the temperature rises above 100 and we look out at the unopened pool, we’ll return to this blog entry and understand our motive.  That’s right before we decide again, this is the year to visit PEI.


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