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The Live Writer Standard

In our old age, we no longer want to write code, edit HTML, check color wheels for the 000eee or 02h0011 for exact color settings.  We want to go online and set the blog up, with as many options and bells and whistles that will fit into the side bars, the carneys rows, to give the reader options other than the links in the message itself.

Listening to Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur on their podcast, Net@Night each of them mentioned SquareSpace as a great place to host a blog. 

We did try it when it first started and found it didn’t support off line editors.  We mentioned that to the owners and went on our merry way.  Thankfully, the people at TWiT also mentioned it in their weekly podcast as well.


Being ever influences by this web-wise cadre of speakers, we popped back the SquareSpace and found a much more mature interface for the creation of the blog.  Not only that, we found it supports Live Writer. Bingo!!

So, Famous Grazing, a renewed name, will be the seventh active Famous Grazing blog.

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