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Not Commenting on the Gilmore Girls

I will admit it was my intention this morning to join the mob and comment on the brouhaha about the exchange recently on the Gilmore Gang.  But  apologies from both combatants have been issued. The matter should now be dropped.

So, have you seen the flash games on Owen’s World? The flash based games can be a harmless distraction.  However, the ever so simple Tetris posted there brings back memories of my first computer addiction. What this version doesn’t seem to do is increase the intensity, but remains at the level started.  This could explain how I got to 1900 rows before I dragged myself away.

The fact that Tetris didn’t exist before 1984 is very hard to believe. It seems like one of those things that have always been there. Graceland was opened to the public two years before Tetris was invented, almost to the day.

This is all a geeks attempt at changing the subject.  It’s something like someone saying, “So what about those<insert sports team>?”

When an icon goes all potty mouth, what else can you do?












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