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Where Did All of the Other Blogs Go?


Image by sgtret via Flickr

It all came down to convenience. And cost.

It made no sense to post blogs on sites that were going to cost up to hundreds of dollars a month with combined software and hosting fees.

There were too many other places we could go that cost nothing short of posting a minimal amount of advertising.  When Blogger started it was a premium site.  But the fee was minimal.  Than it was bought by Google and BAM! it was free. 

The lesson there seemed to be to not pay for it now, it will soon be free or at a minimal cost. When TypePad was charging high fees we let that blog die. (See above illustration.)  Now here we are at SquareSpace using their 14 day free trial.

But they too learned the lesson of reasonable fees.  Before the time is up we plan to take advantage of the TWiT discount and start at the basic level.  That should do for a while.  This is especially so because the chatter is saying that blogging is in its death rattle

I doubt that over all.  More likely the vanity blogs, where the author kept a journal might be consumed by the time they now spend on Twitter and Facebook.




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