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After a very long workday, I knew I was coming home to an almost empty house. (see: cat)  With no one here, I only turned on the lights I needed to get settled and didn’t notice the square white postal box sitting on the Chinese apothecary in the atrium.

But then Facebook stepped in under the direction of a beloved niece.  She was thinking of me, alone at home on the other side of the continent.  A home crafter and accomplished artist herself she wanted to send something to lift my spirits.

She remembered a list from a long time ago where I answered the question. “What is your favorite junk food?” with Shortbread.

I know there are many people in the world who would not consider a food of such simple purity junk.  But it becomes junk food when you get a can of Dundee shortbread for Christmas, open the can and eat each round in order, like pancakes.

These shortbread squares are from a small scale and very talented baker whose web site is http://www.thehomebaker.etsy.com 

The Home Baker’s motto is From My Kitchen to Your Tummy. Homemade Treats by Mimi, Baked & Shipped Same Day.

Let’s all give Mimi a rousing set of applause!  Save another for my Niece!


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