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Slightly Disappointed – 1/2 Blood Prince

Because of bad weather we put off an outdoor activity and opted instead to finally see Half Blood Prince.  With our son, we have seen all of the other Harry Potter films and went to midnight book release parties for at least the last three or four books.

These comments have little to do with the general reader’s complaint about the movie not being true to the book.  Plenty has been said about Harry below the floor and not frozen at the scene.  I can allow for artistic license by the film maker.

It is the film making itself that bothers me. As the films progress through the books, the telling of the story seems to become less important so that, is this latest version, the story isn’t told at all.

In a fashion similar to the Dune movie best known for a shirtless Sting, several people near me at the film’s conclusion said “If you didn’t read the book, you wouldn’t have a clue what just happened.”  All too true.

Instead of continuity and smooth segue, I felt like I was watching an animated slide show.  If you had divided the scenes, numbered them and put them on the web, I would’ve been better entertained. Some scene changes were so painfully artless I was wondering if the theater was showing a pirated version.

And who cast Gollum's  cousins for the soul sipping scene on the island in the cave?

This disappointing experience will not stop me from seeing what follows in the series.  No matter how poor the snap shots, it’s always good to see the family maturing and coming of age.  I just hope they change directors, in mid production if need be.



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