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When Did This All Happen?

Looking down at the application bar on my laptop, I see FeedDemon, Google-Chrome, RocketDock, TweetDeck and LiveWriter open.

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A few minutes ago, I answered a Tweet on TweetDeck sent by an American expatriate in Dubai regarding Skype CSV – FSV transfer.  While I was sending it, in the News column I have on TweetDeck, a flash popped up about a building collapsing in Dubai.

Before the Gulf War it can honestly be said I never heard of Dubai.  I was still stuck on the Ottoman Empire and Lawrence of Arabia. Now here I am communication with someone there while almost simultaneously reading relatively local news about her home country.

While this is fascinating, in truth the laundry isn’t getting done, I haven’t finished a conversation with my family about a new car and it is past noon an I haven’t had a meal yet.

Granted, it is Sunday.

On a normal day, I would now be at work doing this or, more importantly, that. Still, shouldn’t Sunday’s be a day to chill from the cloud?  Perhaps but it won’t happen here any time soon!


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